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World Bank chief warns of financial crisis World Bank chief Robert Zoellick on Saturday warned of a "new and more dangerous" time in the global economy...
US Recession Risks Rises The threat of a new recession is rising in the United States, economists say, as they slash their ..
Unsafe US debt remains safe haven US Treasury bonds remain a hot ticket for investors looking for a low risk investment in a volatile market despite the unprecedented ...
US borrowing tops 100% of GDP US DEBT shot up US$238 billion (S$287.2 billion) to reach 100 per cent of gross domestic project after the government's debt ceiling was lifted
Consumers consumed by debt The average consumer may feel far removed from the heated debates concerning the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. But the truth is...
Financial Crisis II. Get out of debt now There is increasing talk among traders and financial analysts that the latest slump in global share markets
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Financial Glossary 2




In personal financial planning, the amount of capital (assets or cash) needed in a lump sum to enable one to meet income needs and expenses should death or disability occur.


The process of money coming in from various sources (income)
and being spent on various uses (expenses). A cash flow statement is a look at both the income and the expenses over any period of time, but is usually for at least a month and/or a year.


The actual value of your life insurance policy. It is the amount of cash you would receive if you voluntarily terminate your policy before it matures. It is also the amount that can be borrowed from your
policy while still keeping the policy in force. This value can be found in the policy contract. It may be more than the contract value as it can be increased by dividends and interest on dividends that are left to accumulate (dividend deposits).


Securities that represent an ownership interest in a corporation. Generally have dividend and appreciation potential.


Refers to the cost of each thousand dollars of life insurance protection.


Those assets that can easily be converted into cash or sold in a short period of time. Example: stocks, certificates of deposit, cash value of life insurance, and money market funds. Also known as liquid assets.


A sum owed to someone else, either a financial or personal obligation;
a state of owing.


Spreading money among different types of investments.


The payment designated by a corporation to be distributed pro rata among outstanding shares of stock. Corporations usually declare divi-
dends from their profits, and the amount is in relation to the amount of the profit.


The method you choose to receive your dividends. Most commonly refers to life insurance. You may elect dividends to be paid in
cash, to reduce premiums, to buy paid-up additions, or to accumulate at interest.


A method of purchasing securities at regular intervals with a fixed amount of dollars, regardless of the prevailing prices of the securities. Payments buy more shares when the price is low and fewer shares when it rises. Because of the fluctuations of the market, this method
enables an investor who consistently buys in both good and bad times to be able to improve his potential for a gain when he sells. It is an effective method for a single investor to strategically invest his money.



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