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World Bank chief warns of financial crisis World Bank chief Robert Zoellick on Saturday warned of a "new and more dangerous" time in the global economy...
US Recession Risks Rises The threat of a new recession is rising in the United States, economists say, as they slash their ..
Unsafe US debt remains safe haven US Treasury bonds remain a hot ticket for investors looking for a low risk investment in a volatile market despite the unprecedented ...
US borrowing tops 100% of GDP US DEBT shot up US$238 billion (S$287.2 billion) to reach 100 per cent of gross domestic project after the government's debt ceiling was lifted
Consumers consumed by debt The average consumer may feel far removed from the heated debates concerning the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. But the truth is...
Financial Crisis II. Get out of debt now There is increasing talk among traders and financial analysts that the latest slump in global share markets
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Financial Glossary




The yield of an investment after taxes have been taken out.


An individual pays an insurance company a specified capital sum in exchange for a promise that the insurer will, at some time in the future, begin to make a series of periodic payments to the individual for as long as he/she lives or for some other specified period of time.


An increase in fair market value.


Everything a person owns, including cash, investments, accounts receivable, real property, and autos.


A condensed financial statement showing the amount and nature of an individual's assets and liabilities at a given time. A "snapshot" of what a person owns and what he owes. Sometimes referred to as net worth statement.


The price paid for an asset. Used to figure capital gains tax.


One who is designated to receive a benefit. Example: person who would receive the proceeds of a life insurance settlement.


The "bid" is the highest price anyone is willing to pay for a security at a given time; the "asked" is the lowest price anyone will take at that time. Stocks are usually purchased at "bid" and sold at "asked."


A promise of a corporation, municipality, government, church, and the like, to pay interest at a stated rate and repay face value of the bond
(which is actually a loan from you to the corporation or other entity) at a
specified maturity date.


A plan or guideline for spending.


Profit or loss from the sale of a capital asset such as real estate, stock, commercial property, land, or equipment. Any capital asset held at least one year is classified as long-term and may receive favorable income
tax treatment.





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