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Payment Associations

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Association for Payment Clearing Services
Information about UK money transmission, payments and clearings.

Australian Payments Clearing Association
APCA manages Australian payments clearing and settlement systems, policies, regulations and procedures.

Canadian Payments Association
Contains the rules used by Canadian deposit-taking financial institutions for clearing cheques and for electronic payments.

Clearing House Inter-Bank Payments System
A subsidiary of the New York Clearing House, CHIPS is a bank-owned competitor to FedWire.

Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems
The secretariat of the CPSS at the BIS.

Electronic Payment Services Company
Consortium of major banks in Hong Kong dedicated to the use of electronic fund transfers to reduce cash and cheque transactions.

Electronic Payments Network
Private Automated Clearing House Operator owned and governed by financial institutions that provides processing services for all types of financial institutions.

European Payments Council
Working towards a single payment area in the EU or in the eurozone.

South Africa - Payments Association of South Africa
Providing a safe and sound payment system to the whole South African banking community.

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication supplies secure messaging services and interface software to wholesale financial entities.

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Home > Directory > Payment Associations