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Financial Freedom… in small groups

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a cell leader, or perhaps a teacher you’ve come to the right place. Scriptural Financial Freedom™ is your source of financial strategies based on scriptural financial principles for today’s economy. It’s a teaching course that presents concise Biblical financial concepts that will enable you to master your money, by applying trusted, time-tested Biblical principles to every financial decision, no matter what financial circumstances you are in.

Get your complete Scriptural Financial Freedom™ small groups kit featuring video, eWorkbooks that you can share, leaders’ guides, powerpoints and more. You can now master your money, and conduct your own Scriptural Financial Freedom™ course with these powerful tools. Perfect for small groups and individuals.

Video presentation
Video (Windows Media) to aid in facilitation and  presentation.(worth$29)
10 eWorkbooks
7 eWorkbooks for you and your small group members plus 3 eWorkbooks free!(worth $99)
powerpoint presentations
Full-featured professionally designed powerpoint presentations(worth $29)
eLeader's Guide
An eLeader’s Guide to help you structure and plan your lessons.(worth $19)

Entire package now available for only $24.90. For more information,  go to Financial Freedom Small Groups kit.