5 keys to financial success

5 keys to financial success One of the many risks of charging to credit cards is that if most people  aren’t attentive to their spending, often you can run up more debt than you can pay for. Recently there has been a lot of talk in the news  about a proposed amendment to the financial …
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Global Financial Crisis: could it happen again?

financial crisis
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The valley of the shadow of debt

The causes of bankruptcy tell a deep dark tale. Every year, government agencies which administers bankruptcies publish a list of the top reasons people give for going bust.  It usually universal throughout the world. Here are the usual suspects, but the number one reason given by bankrupts was unemployment or loss of income. Then there are …
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Transfer of wealth - a study

Wealth transfer is indeed scriptural, and it is truly real. That should be wonderful news, isn’t it? So the question you probably have is “where’s mine?” A legitimate question. However, so many Christians fail to understand that, according to the bible, you need to go through a process. But first, let’s check out the most quoted verse …
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Financial Freedom... in small groups

Video presentationWhether you’re an entrepreneur, a cell leader, or perhaps a teacher you’ve come to the right place. Scriptural Financial Freedom™ is your source of financial strategies based on scriptural financial principles for today’s economy. It’s a teaching course that presents concise Biblical financial concepts that will enable you to master your money, by applying trusted, time-tested …
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